a|EA Washington DC Metro Chapter has been merged with the Open Group's Association of Enterprise Architects Washington DC Chapter in 2011. This site is kept for preserving the history, past presentations and other documents.


The Washington DC Metro Chapter of the Association of Enterprise Architects (a|EA-DC) is a professional organization that was established to promote the following a|EA purposes:

  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and results of experience among persons interested or engaged in the field of enterprise architecture;
  • To encourage the collection, compilation, and dissemination of information on matters relating to enterprise architecture;
  • To encourage the improvement of enterprises and organizations on a global basis; and
  • To advance generally the profession, science, and practice of enterprise architecture.

Consistent with those purposes, the a|EA-DC undertakes its professional and educational activities to advance and advocate excellence in enterprise architecture by:

  • Upholding and promoting integrity, ethics, and professionalism in enterprise architecture;
  • Promoting the equality of opportunity of all persons through enterprise architecture;
  • Taking positions on (1) policy issues dealing with professional standards, terminology, and the image of enterprise architecture, and (2) policy issues with implications for the practice of enterprise architecture.

a|EA-DC was formed in November 2004. This Chapter is the first, largest, and most active Chapter of the Association. Its members have wide practice in government and private sectors. Please contact if you are interested in Chapter activities or membership.